Saturday, December 15, 2001

Happy Saturday!!!

Well, not for Ed I guess. Fate took the shit back and dumped it on him, I think... He got a ticket the same night I did, and he just walked through the door and said he got another one for the same thing... 50 in a 35. Poor Ed... I didn't mean to rub off any bad luck. ^_~

Friday, December 14, 2001


Well, I got my paycheck today, and although I wasn't able to deposit it, I have found out that I will have 25 dollars to survive on for the next two weeks... Not bad! ^_^ I also figured out I'll have about $60 to survive on from my next paycheck in two weeks, so I'll be alright.

Got my nails done today. I also have some new clothes because I went shopping before I got my speeding ticket. So I guess good things are happening... My luck is going to turn around... I'm going to MAKE it!!! Work was good today, and although I have to work on Christmas Eve, I got Dena to switch me shifts, so I get to open. That means I get off at 5:30 and I get to get home earlier. I also found out that I have to work on New Year's Day at ten, but I DON'T have to work on New Year's Eve. YAY!!! Dave wants to go to Phoenix to see Paul van Dyk and I told him I'd go with him. We're still not sure about that one though...

Hey Carlos my Mexican homie... LOL! John is supposed to call me tonight at around 12:30 I think... He's going to be mad at me that I'm not home. (at Dave's, of course) I'll see him tomorrow though!!! I'm just glad I got out of work early. SO glad...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Tell me, did the wind sweep you off your feet?"


Thursday, December 13, 2001

Fate has taken a massive shit atop my face...

Thank you for the colorful twist to my quote there, Dave. ^_^ I think there's been about three good things happen to me out tof the entire month of December so far. Yes, that's right, only three. All of the bad things you pretty much know about if you've been reading up on my blog, which apparently MANY people have been doing. Just in case you haven't and don't feel like reading through past events, let me summarize for you.

1. Customers from hell and getting someone written up at work.
2. Subjecting my cat to the torture of a malfunctioning fire alarm.
3. Finding out Mom is getting layed off in January.
4. Getting drunk and then actually getting SICK.
5. Hangover. Need I say more?
6. Working in hell until Midnight (not to mention doing it again tomorrow).
7. Finding out Levi rolled his car.
8. Having a fire in my backyard.
9. Getting depressed about never seeing my family (especially my dad) anymore.
10. Getting a bit of the flu.
11. Finding out I have to work on Christmas Eve.
12. Getting a speeding ticket.
13. Losing $195 dollars to make that ticket disappear.

Lucky thirteen. And that's just the BIG stuff of THIS month. Oh my goodness... Not to mention Dave and I headed out to my house TWICE this afternoon to get clothes and stuff and BOTH times I forgot my keys. Yes, I do believe fate has decided to sh** on me. Or maybe just December, since I changed my favorite month to May. *shrugs* I don't know.

Okay... uhm, Dave is going to type now. Disclaimer: The owner of this blog is not responsible for, nor does she necessarily agree with, the opinions and/or statements made by other individuals in her blog entries.

So I was driving Tiffany today to go pick up some clothes at her cousin's house so she didn't have to go all the way to her house and back. We got to her cousin's house and basically, everything was a complete mess. They were moving out, nobody had any idea where any clothes were. In essence, Tiffany was screwed. So, we were already somewhat near Tiffany's side of town, but instead of going directly to her house, we had to first go back and get her keys (can't get in a house without any keys, right?).

We continued to drive back to my apartment, where we got her keys and then hopped back in the car to go to her place. The plan was that she was just going to crash at my place tonight in Dan's room so that she didn't have to drive all the way out here tomorrow to go to work.

Well we got half way there and I thought to myself, "wouldn't it be boring if all we did in life was do what we had to do...? Wouldn't it be boring if things didn't just pop up to add a little spice and different scenarios to everything?" Right then, Tiffany started feeling all over my car. "Where are my keys!" hah. well we pulled off the side of the road and looked all over. Thankfully, with cell phone technology, we managed to call my roommate who then informed us that her keys were sitting on my desk. Hah.

So, life is funny sometimes. Sometimes you think you're out to do something, and no matter how hard you try you just can't do it.


void main () {
int i, k, v, index, you, mom, r;
int j = 20;

for (i=0;i j = you + r + mom;
printf("Who's your daddy!?");

if ("i" = j) {
printf("I'm your daddy");
} else {
printf("How do you like them apples!?");

anyway, that was completely pointless.

Ok I'm tired

I will write more later when I am more awake and am willing to make you laugh.

-david moss
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Okay that took him forever to type - not to mention he wouldn't let me see so this might be interesting when I post. I know MY stuff didn't sound like a lot, but when little things accumulate it just gets to be a downer, you know? Well, I'm tired so that's all I'm going to write for now. Have a nice Friday everyone... Nicer than mine, please.

Song Quote of the Moment: "I'm blue"

~Eiffel 65 (we think)

My, what a bright sunny day...

Well, I know it's going to completely blow my paycheck I get Friday, but I'm pretty sure I can handle this. Been thinking about it a lot (duh) and with what I have and having 30 days to go to traffic court, I should be able to pay my fine this payday and the traffic court fees next paycheck (coming December 30th). *takes a deep breath* Yeah, I can do this. It's going to be a bitch, but I can.


He didn't have me sign this stupid ticket. Does that mean anything? I don't know... Gotta ask my cuz Jessi, she's good at getting out of crap like this. BUT with my luck there's no way I'll get out of it. *shrugs* Oh well, I really don't care anymore. I can deal with this just like any other bad situation. ^_^

HI CARLOS!!! Just thought I'd add that little bit...

Song Quote of the Moment: "I can't control you, you can't control me"

~Don't remember

Hey, shit happens.

I think it was John that said I have the worst luck...

No kidding. We went to Nogales all right. Just got back in fact. I had three drinks. Jenny didn't have any. She was afraid to drive in the fog. I wasn't buzzing so I drove instead. Got pulled over. Didn't have my driver's license with me. Thought I was going to get a DUI and go to jail. Got a speeding ticket instead. Somehow I have to pull $110 out of my ass to pay for it, not to mention $85 for traffic school. *sighs* I can't do this, I just can't...

Wednesday, December 12, 2001

This is David. This is not Tiffany. For those of you who only want to read what Tiffany has to say, stop reading now.

Tiffany left the room and left this page open, allowing me to type away. She is still totally oblivious that I am typing in her blog.


Wow. Never thought my blog would become so popular...

HI CARLOS! Work today was great - not one pissed-off customer. YAY! I think my flu was 24 hours, because I feel tons better now. Yeah, life is grand. Dave is getting ready to go to Nogales (I'm at his apartment right now). We're going to head south and get smashed out of our minds I think... lol. I'm STARVING... And I miss John already. He's in Tempe with his family. Wish he was going tonight. I might see him on Friday, but if not I probably wn't see him again until after Christmas.
:( I hope his sister Rebecca is doing better though. She has something wrong with her arm, and it sounds pretty scary...

Hmmmm... Nothing really cool is going on right now. Yesterday night I went for pizza with John and Dave and Carlos and it was a lot of fun - and a LOT of pizza. Then we went to Deanna's and she took us shopping - guys in the lingerie section is just hilarious.

IT SNOWED!!! The Catalina Mountains look so awesome. And it's been hella cold all day long. It rained again earlier... I hope it snows again tonight. I mean, geez, if it's going to be cold enough it might as well... DON'T MAKE ME FREEZE FOR NOTHING!!! I want to go play in the snow but really I can't... John isn't here and Dave and Carlos have finals tomorrow and going by myself just wouldn't be very much fun. I don't think so anyway.

Well, that's about all - except for the fact that I have to work on Christmas Eve... I'll be stuck in Tucson 'til 7:30 or better, then have to drive 2 hours home. FUN. I do get the day AFTER Christmas off, which will probably be better considering all the people with returns... Oh my goodness don't even want to think about it. I still wish I had Christmas Eve...

Okay, I'm done.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Walking in the spiderwebs"

~No Doubt

Tuesday, December 11, 2001

It's raining...

*3 month anniversary of September 11th*

Well yesterday morning was bizarre... Aside from the whole fact that my cousin rolled his car, a brushfire started in my backyard just as I was supposed to go to work. The fire department came and everything. It was such a hassle...

Work for the most part went pretty well yesterday. Then I just came home and crashed. Not too much terribly interesting in my life... oh joy. talking to John and Carlos right now... Hi Carlos. I don't know,maybe it's just because I don't feel all that well, but it seems like they're being a bit cynical. It seemed like Michelle was on the phone this morning too. Maybe it's just sarcasm and I'm taking it the wrong way, wouldn't be the first time.

I have the flu... no denying that one. I just threw up AGAIN (second time today). And the thing is I NEVER get sick... *shrugs* Just not my time, I guess. I haven't seen my dad in wow... It feels like forever. Since December 2, but that was only for one afternoon, and before that I hadn't seen him for six weeks. I miss him so much. I hardly ever get to see him now that I'm in Tucson with this stupid job and, oh, I don't know. I just really wish I could spend more time with him. Maybe it's just the fact that Christmas is right around the corner and that's going to suck too... Oh boy tears. Okay, stop the conversation.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Close your eyes and let your heart lead the way"

~Reba McEntire

Monday, December 10, 2001


At slow speed we all seem focused
In motion we seem wrong, oh wrong
In summer we can taste the rain

I want you to be free - don't worry about me
And just like the movies we play ot our last scene

Two can play this game
We both want power
In winter we can taste the pain

In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad and throw away

I want you to be free - don't worry about me
And just like the movies we play out our last scene
You won 't cry, I won't scream

In our short years we come long way
To trade it bad and throw away
And if we make a little space
Science fiction showcase
In or short film a love disgrace
Dream a scene to brighten face
In our short years we come long way
To treat it bad just to throw it away

I want you to be free - don't worry about me
And just like the movies we play out or last scene
You won't cry, I won't scream

~Alien Ant Farm

Ever feel like your living in a soap opera? Yeah, me neither. Those things have no realism what so ever...

Well, my mom just called me about 20 minutes ago and told me that my little cousin was in a car accident early this morning... I guess he got home from work around midnight and couldn't sleep, so he dicided to go for a drive, and sometime around three this morning on his way up the Pinals he rolled his car. Apparently he's okay... He walked five miles to get back home, woke my brother up when he got there (at about 5 this morning) and then my brother called my mom. They were too afraid to wake up my grandma (who they both live with) and I don't blame them, but she woke up before my mom got there anyway, so Levi was screwed. I just had the shakes so bad when mom told me... I couldn't believe it! I hope he learned his lesson. Levi's been going off the deep end here lately, maybe this will straighten him up a bit... I hope so. I know after getting a car airborne and flipping it off the side of a not-so-steep canyon and then walking for two hours in the dark and cold with no jacket to get home I would be set straight... ^_^

I'm just glad he's okay...

Well, finals today for everyone. I don't think Dave starts until one? but good luck John, his starts now. HI CARLOS! His is this afternoon, and YAY DANIEL!!! No finals, just a project to finish. Meanwhile, I work from 3 'til midnight today and again on Friday... Dave, be ready, and have a box of Kleenex... I'll be on your doorstep at 1201. ~_^

Well, I'm done for now... Jammin to Alien Ant farm (if you couldn't tell by the last couple of posts). Hey, when you find something good, exploit it, right? *big grin*

Song Quote of the Moment: "I want you to be free. Don't worry about me"

~Alien Ant Farm (of course)

Oh my goodness it is COLD...

This is what midnight conversations can result in... Just use caution. They can be hazardous to your health. Right Carlos? I'm a druglord... Oh my goodness...

Heroe51: your cat killed john!
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: NO he didn't.. I feel bad though
Heroe51: i mean 3
AmiLynnGreen: LIAR
Heroe51: oh
AmiLynnGreen: lol
Heroe51: haah
Heroe51: and i do feel special
AmiLynnGreen: ~_^
Heroe51: I can share girl talk and make-up secrets and self-incriminations with. :-) I guess that' goes for my cousin Michelle too. that is so me too!
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
AmiLynnGreen: Glad you like it...
AmiLynnGreen: :-D
Heroe51: hehe
Heroe51: upligting
Heroe51: that's uplifting
Heroe51: ha
AmiLynnGreen: oops...
Heroe51: your oops or mine?
AmiLynnGreen: I don't know going to check
Heroe51: ok. cool.
AmiLynnGreen: okay, yours
Heroe51: damn!
Heroe51: i knew it!
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
Heroe51: i am always wrong, except when i am right... that is today's bit o' wisdom
AmiLynnGreen: YES!
AmiLynnGreen: I'll have to post that... wait...
Heroe51: astounding!
Heroe51: isnt it?
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: okay now check it out
Heroe51: aite
Heroe51: perhaps i can come up w/ some more tomorrow, during my final.
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
Heroe51: i am wise beyond my years
AmiLynnGreen: be sure to write them down... We know you are!!!
Heroe51: muahahah
Heroe51: (insane mad scientist laughter)
AmiLynnGreen: Why do you think we hang out with you? We'rehoping the vast knowledge will rub off on us a little... ^_^
Heroe51: i know! i always knew my encyclopedic memory would help some one!
AmiLynnGreen: YES!
Heroe51: like, knowing that the capital of Norway is Oslo is bound to come up one day!
AmiLynnGreen: hahha
AmiLynnGreen: what's thecapital of Finland?
Heroe51: like hey carlos, what's the capital of Norway? i'll say smartly, why Oslo of course
AmiLynnGreen: Or Rhode Island?
AmiLynnGreen: LOL
Heroe51: i know!
Heroe51: i cant remember finland!
Heroe51: damn! i knew em all! i am getting old.
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
AmiLynnGreen: what about RI>
Heroe51: i got!
AmiLynnGreen: ?
Heroe51: it!
Heroe51: Helsinki!
Heroe51: yeah!
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
Heroe51: *trumpets blaring*
AmiLynnGreen: lol
Heroe51: i am not old after all
Heroe51: *the drums are coming in!*
AmiLynnGreen: yay!
Heroe51: *a flag line just entered my room!*
Heroe51: wow
AmiLynnGreen: Rhode Island...
Heroe51: oh yeah
Heroe51: Providence?
AmiLynnGreen: very good
Heroe51: yeah!
Heroe51: pick another european country... i tend to forget american state capitals...
Heroe51: humor me
Heroe51: ha
AmiLynnGreen: okay...
AmiLynnGreen: Iceland
Heroe51: oh i cant spell it, Ry..something...?
Heroe51: lol
Heroe51: nice one tiff
Heroe51: chose the hardest one out of the lot
AmiLynnGreen: hmm
AmiLynnGreen: lol
AmiLynnGreen: Uzbekistan
Heroe51: muhahaa, Uzbek City... that's a guess...
Heroe51: wait, New YUma
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
Heroe51: the real NY...
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
Heroe51: anyway, what's going on in the slightly of center middle of nowhere?
Heroe51: slightly left
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
AmiLynnGreen: Not too much... it's kinda cold but not bad
Heroe51: your little house!
AmiLynnGreen: I just got off the phone with John about 20minutes ago
Heroe51: cool.. was he done studying>?
AmiLynnGreen: for now
AmiLynnGreen: he's at his sis's house...
AmiLynnGreen: and he has to be up at seven, so I told him to go to bed
Heroe51: and he refused?
AmiLynnGreen: nop
AmiLynnGreen: e^
AmiLynnGreen: not that I know of...
Heroe51: ah hah
AmiLynnGreen: did you see what else I wrote?
Heroe51: what exactly?
AmiLynnGreen: I'm tripping on acid would you like some?
Heroe51: oh god yes!
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: Then tomorrow we can tell everyone we had a hella good time!
AmiLynnGreen: :-D
Heroe51: lol
Heroe51: i agreed to quickly, DARE didnot work!
AmiLynnGreen: *hands Carlos the acid*
Heroe51: damn it!
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
AmiLynnGreen: I'm a dealer, DARE didn't help me a damn bit...
Heroe51: *carlos looks quizzickly at it, then does whatever it is that you do to acid*
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
AmiLynnGreen: uhm...
Heroe51: obviously i know alot
AmiLynnGreen: okay, lets try shrooms. You EAT these
Heroe51: those induce visions right?
AmiLynnGreen: yessssssss
Heroe51: cuz i do taht naturally
Heroe51: liek right now
AmiLynnGreen: you can take your finals and see the walls moving at the same time!
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
Heroe51: i know! i coudl then write equations on the wall!
Heroe51: and the wall would talk to me!
AmiLynnGreen: yes, we will have to tell everyone that we are the little junkies...
AmiLynnGreen: YEAH!
Heroe51: then the wall would start to grow a hand!
AmiLynnGreen: ooo now that's interesting...
Heroe51: and do the final for me! but wait, that might be dangerous, i think the wall would take over my body completely....
Heroe51: noo!
Heroe51: stop!
AmiLynnGreen: ACK!
Heroe51: no more shrooms!
AmiLynnGreen: LOL
Heroe51: see what happens?
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
AmiLynnGreen: *nods*
AmiLynnGreen: You still didn't tell me if you read it or not
Heroe51: happy monday stuff?
AmiLynnGreen: yeeeeah that
Heroe51: cuz Happy Monday!
AmiLynnGreen: ACK
AmiLynnGreen: There's that blasphemous phrase again!
Heroe51: what about Merry Tuesdays?
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: nowseethats okay
AmiLynnGreen: at least it's not Monday... Monday just sucks and there's nothing you can do about it
Heroe51: so perhaps, Get Through Monday!
Heroe51: taht should be the greeting
AmiLynnGreen: YES!
AmiLynnGreen: Or Monday the Bitch
Heroe51: haha
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: or maybe even just rename the day
Heroe51: Monday the Over-sensitive Hyena-she-war-dog
Heroe51: wow
AmiLynnGreen: and when people just happen to say, "What is today?" you can reply with the new name for Monday...
Heroe51: Bitchday!
AmiLynnGreen: ...which is Go To Hell
Heroe51: man
AmiLynnGreen: so what is today?
Heroe51: you got some real passion on this one
AmiLynnGreen: GO TO HELL
Heroe51: today is GOTOHELL
AmiLynnGreen: Oh yeah you have NO idea... YES!!!
AmiLynnGreen: You got it dude
AmiLynnGreen: OMG I pulled an olsen twin thing... Just shoot me now
Heroe51: haha!
Heroe51: what part? you got it dude?
AmiLynnGreen: yes that
Heroe51: hhe
Heroe51: hehe
Heroe51: no, i will not shoot you, i dont have a gun
AmiLynnGreen: DAMN!
AmiLynnGreen: Well, I have a paintball gun will that suffice?
Heroe51: nor do i really know how to shoot one, i guess i could throw the gun at you really hard
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
Heroe51: that might work
Heroe51: paintball?
Heroe51: only a well placed bullet to the Occipital Lobe would do it...
Heroe51: and i dont know waht that is so we are totally out of luck
AmiLynnGreen: Ack... You are of no help in these matters!
Heroe51: wait wait!
Heroe51: i got one..
AmiLynnGreen: yes?
Heroe51: i read off a bunch of chapters from my physics book thereby completely boring you death!
Heroe51: lol
AmiLynnGreen: NOOOOOOOOOO!!!
Heroe51: i have come close to suicide myself
Heroe51: lol
Heroe51: obviously this is not supposed to mean torture...
AmiLynnGreen: That would be something that would kill me, but it would beslow and painful torture and I'm just not up for torture right now...
Heroe51: i guess i could roll a big rock down a hill at your house...
AmiLynnGreen: Oh my goodness
Heroe51: but then again i might need a fork lift or something...
AmiLynnGreen: there aren't really any hills near my house
Heroe51: and i dont have one...
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA
Heroe51: damn!
Heroe51: i am so bad at this!
Heroe51: okay hold oN!
Heroe51: give me another chance coah!
Heroe51: coach!
AmiLynnGreen: hahaha
AmiLynnGreen: okay one more...
Heroe51: cool! thx! you wont regret it! wait, i make no promises
AmiLynnGreen: listen to us! We're contemplating, no MOREthan contemplating, we're PLANNING my DEATH here!!!
AmiLynnGreen: Let's just think of something really good and then kill somebody else? I don'treally feel like dying, I was just kidding, and besides, Dave and I have the perfect place todump a body!!! :-D
Heroe51: haha
Heroe51: i know!
Heroe51: oka okay
Heroe51: think of our number one enemy, Bin Laden
Heroe51: or Britney Spears..either one
AmiLynnGreen: I'm going to take a weed eater to that beard of his if I ever get the chance
Heroe51: haha
AmiLynnGreen: He'll have the shave of his life
Heroe51: quite a close shave I imagine
AmiLynnGreen: you know it
AmiLynnGreen: and then get a really limber stick, maybe even flexible plastic, and just beat him almost to death...
AmiLynnGreen: and THEN let him have the sex change and send him back to live under Talibani rule as awoman...
Heroe51: plastic is so useful
Heroe51: god bless plastic
AmiLynnGreen: The bastard would learn a lesson, yessiree
AmiLynnGreen: HAHAHA YES!

See what I mean? You just never know what will come up after mindight... Beware of those burning the midnight oil... Oh, and goodnight all terrorist assholes around the world, I hope you all have nightmares like the one just described... ^_^

Song Quote of the Moment: "Kumbayah my Lord, Kumbayah..." *giggles*

I am always wrong, except when I am right... That's today's bit o' wisdom!


Happy Monday Everyone! My God, did I just say Happy and Monday in the same sentence? Okay, Tiffany is on acid, pay no attention...

Song Quote of the Moment: "And just like the movies we play out our last scene"

~Alien Ant Farm


Sunday, December 09, 2001


Just read the last post I put in this thing... WOW. I think I was STILL pretty messed up... Oh my goodness. I think I'll lay off for awhile. Kermit is high! LOL! I heard the cutest thing the other day - basically Sesame Street on drugs. Oh, it's so hilarious. I'm going to have to get my friend to put it on CD for me, I think.

HI CARLOS! I have to make it a point to talk to Carlos every time I write in this now. I think it makes him feel special. J/K buddy, you know I love you! hehehe... Anyway. yeah... Cat is sitting in my lap watching me type. He went crazy on my boyfriend the other night... John has scratches all over his arms. Sorry about that John!

Well, work is going better, for now anyway. I say that now because I know tomorrow when I get off at midnight I'm going to be cussing Ross all over again. We are extending our hours, so we're open 'til eleven, and I know it will take almost an hour to clean everything up and get out of there. Talk about burning the midnight oil. Not like I HAVEN'T been doing that lately, but I'm afraid I don't look forward to it at work. Oh boy, starting to depress myself again. Stop the conversation...

I haven't talked to Rachael in a LONG time. I really need to... I want to go to Virginia in February, but I don't know if I'm going to have the money for it. I have a grand total of eight dollars to last me until payday this Friday. No joke. Do you know how hard it is to survive on eight dollars when you need gas and cat food (well, not cat food anymore) and something to eat yourself? I haven't had a real meal in about eight days now, not including Arby's last night (thanks John and Dave), and it looks like I don't get one 'til Friday. ACK! I know I work... A LOT. So what the heck is all of my money going to? Oh yeah, that's right. BILLS. Whoever invented them should be shot.

And Deanna wants me to do something with her next week, which I have no problem with because I'll have money by then at least. I hadn't seen her in so long until last night. I missed her. I miss having someone I can share girl talk and make-up secrets and self-incriminations with. :) I guess that' goes for my cousin Michelle too. I really want to see her, but I just can't right now. Don't ask, because I won't tell. I just can't.

On other notes, I saw my Uncle Dusty last week. Haven't seen him in almost two years, and I was really missing him. He's just about the coolest uncle that anyone could ever have. And my Aunt Shanna... I'm so happy for her! I've been talking to her here lately and apparently she met this guy over the internet, and now she's moving from Texas to Michigan with him. I'm glad that she is happy. He sounds like a really cool guy too. *shrugs* Love in the air?

Well, I'm trying to think of anything else that might be interesting, but I can't right now. I think my brain is on meltdown from the past few days. I got fourteen hours of sleep today! I needed it though, because in the last four days I probably managed a total of only fifteen or so hours. I know, it sounds like a lot, but trust me, I was dragging. Well, anyways, I'm going to quit now. Happy Sunday everyone!

Song Quote of the Moment: "You won't cry, I won't scream"

~Alien Ant Farm