Saturday, July 20, 2002

Just got back from another run, oh yay... I hate running with a passion. Why on earth would anyone run for fun? I just don't get that - I was really unmotivated this morning too. Number one because I have a migrane from hell and number two because my dad came and ran me out of bed this morning with the broom. I didn't want to go! I know he's just trying to help though - it was actually pretty funny.

I get to go shooting this week!!! Thank you Lord, I'm gonna get rid of some aggression. I really need to get some time in on the ranges anyway... I have to qualify better than I did in Ft. Huachuca if I ever want to get promoted. One year... I can have my E-5 in ONE YEAR if I pass my pt test and get a better weapons qual.

I just saw the new Lincoln Navigator on a commercial. It has a thing that when you push the keyless entry button to unlock the door the sidesteps slide out for you to step on to get in. Who would want to spend that much money for a stupid automatic step? Wusses...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Who want's to be ordinary in a crazy, mixed up world?"

~Michelle Branch

Friday, July 19, 2002

I just got back to town... AGAIN.

I went to Phoenix today. I got to see Jessi and Brian and the new baby, Ashley Jo. She is SO adorable!!! She's so tiny too... She's 6 lbs 13 oz and is 20 in. long. Oh I want to keep her... I can't wait to have a kid. I want a baby...

She's so CUTE!!!

I'm going to be twenty in a month!

Song Quote of the Moment: "I am happy, feeling glad"


Thursday, July 18, 2002

*head spinning*

I have to take Buz to the orthodontist in Phoenix today. I completely forgot about it until about four minutes ago. I don't want to go to Phoenix!

Mom got me up this morning at seven to go running. I feel good now. YAY me.

Song Quote of the Moment: "All I have to give"

~Backstreet Boys

Wednesday, July 17, 2002

Well, I just got back from Flagstaff. It's so hot down here! I passed my written test and my oral board though, and they say I did pretty good so I'm happy. I didn't pass the PT test though, bad me. I missed the run by 30 seconds. Brian's right - I didn't have the right attitude and I wasn't very motivated. I'm going back next Tuesday to try again. I'm going to pass it this time if it kills me. I want that job - I want out of Globe. Not to mention I really like hanging out with Tracy - she is SO much fun.

On other news, well there really isn't much other news. Out for now...

Song Quote of the Moment: "If you want to, I can save you"

~Michelle Branch

Sunday, July 14, 2002

*yawns* Oh my neck hurts SO bad...

I stayed out last night until 3 this morning. I hung out with Scott for a good long while and we got to catch up - He's been in Wyoming and Idaho practically all summer so far. He's getting a job at the post office and he seems pretty exited. I'm happy for him. But anyway back to last night so after 7 we went to Dave's, and Kyle and Micheal ended up showing up. We all sat there and told the stories about Dave's haunting experiences (freaky, I'll have to write them down in here sometime). We had those two so freaked out though. So when they went to leave Kyle went down in the basement to get a computer. We heard him running back up the stairs, and then we heard a huge crash. He tripped on the top step and fell, and broke through a wooden door to the closet across from him. We all went running, but had to laugh at him when we saw him. All he would say was, "Don't worry, the computer is okay!" Oh I laughed so hard, poor kid.

Then I tried to stay awake to watch the Mothman Prophecies, but I just got too tired, so at 230 I told Dave bye and to have fun in Cali and to call me, and I went home. I emailed Brian before I went to bed, and when I just checked mine he'd written back at 4am, saying he was still at work. AHH! Apparently someone didn't come in, so he either worked 14 or 16 hours straight... I really worry about him. He tries to do too much. I'm glad I'm going to get to see him though, if his schedule permits. Yeah, I think that's about it...

No wait! ALSO, my dad got drawn for deer and elk, and my brother got drawn for deer, and I didn't get drawn for jack crap. Yeah, just thought I'd add that bit of information. Okay! I'm done now...

Song Quote of the Moment: I'm gonna soak up the sun"

~Sheryl Crow