Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sarcasm Knows No Bounds

Hello all,

I just have to share an email that I sent to my friend Chrissy, who is studying in Italy right now. She has a listserv account, and I've been a bit spammed by people replying to her emails and therefore sending them to her, me, and everyone else on the listserv. So, I came up with a witty little reply (at least, I think it's witty) to let everyone know they were spamming my account, and got a reply back myself. Check it out.


> Hello Chrissy. And Aaron. And Cora.
> I'm sorry you got the flu. That bites. I had it too, but had the
> nausea. Lucky you.
> *ahem* I love you all, and I know we all miss Chrissy, but please,
> when you write to her do not just hit the reply button that is
> conveniently parked at the top of your emails. When you hit the
> reply button you not only send your message to Chrissy but to me and
> everyone else on her listserv. Yes, that's right, the crazy girl in
> Arizona that knows how to shoot a .50 cal has been getting messages
> from ALL OF YOU. Not that it's not entertaining (Cora, sorry about
> your period pain), but it does tend to clutter up my inbox.
> So, if you'd like to write to me, have at it. If, and this is
> probably the case, you'd just like to write to Chrissy, then please
> COMPOSE a NEW message and insert her listserv address into the "TO"
> box. Then you can talk to her privately (Aaron, do you have a crush
> I need to know about?) and I won't have to pop smartass email remarks
> into your mailboxes.
> Have a great evening everyone. And no, I'm not angry - just amused. ^_^
> Tiffany Brown (Chrissy OTHER other friend)
> SGT Tiffany A. Brown
> 2nd PLT, 1404th T.C.

*And the reply*

Wanted to send a quick message to you saying you are clearly awesome
and thank you for sparing me the time of coming up with something witty
to write to the listserv pointing out the same mass-send problem.

I just hope this doesn't devolve into the typical inbox-death move
where everyone now replies to your email on the entire listserv saying
like, "Thanks!", "OOohh sorry for sending to the listserv [insert
other comments demonstrating a failing to understand the irony of
sending another message here]" etc.

Hildon Smith
Random Person

I don't know this person, but he totally made my day. ^_^

Song Quote of the Moment: "When will my reflection show who I am inside?"

~Motion Picture Soundtrack MULAN