Thursday, September 19, 2002

Alrighty then, where am I?

Oh yeah, I'm running on an hour and a half of sleep after working this morning, I'm getting ready to go shoot, and tonight I'm driving to good ol' Guernsey, WY. Yeah, fun. Actually, I'm really looking forward to this competition. A lot of pressure is off my shoulders since I don't have to shoot the 60, so the EIC matches should be a bit more fun. Well, the rifle one anyway. I'm not sure WHAT my malfunction is with the Beretta, but I can't shoot it worth shit. I drop more shots than I can count - it's so frustrating! I've changed my grip, I've changed my breathing, I've changed my trigger squeeze... I think for the competition I'm just going to change my sight picture, aim high, and hope like hell that it works. As long as I do better than a 52 (my score last time) I'll be happy.

Food sounds SO good right now... I'm laughing at myself too because I really want to go to work tonight... am I strange?

Wednesday, September 18, 2002


I'm trying to get my schedule figured out for Nationals and I'm already stressing. I've been working at the jail a week, and already I'm going to be asking people to cover for me. Guess that's just how it is though... I really need to hear from JP so I know exactly what it is I need to get off. The only thing that sucks about working... I wish I had a job like his where they let him off all the time - it must be nice!!!

Blah blah blah... Went to Globe, went to Show Low, saw five elk, got my stuff, dreading the Change of Command... Life is great, how about you? And I'm in housing again tonight... ACK. Maybe Lundgren will get me out of it. Oh well if he doesn't, it's not that bad. ^_^

Tuesday, September 17, 2002

Sup world?

Wow, days off fly by... I still gotta drive to Show Low today to get my crap for the competition this weekend... And then drive back to Flag and thank you God that my guard check is being deposited tomorrow because I am flat ass broke. ^_^ Life is getting good... Interesting is the way to live, right? That's okay - I'll be able to pay my dad back as soon as he gets home from hunting now, and I'll have enough money for this competition. Then I'll start getting checks from county and hopefully soon I'll be able to get out of Trevor and Tracy's hair... I feel really bad staying with them, because I don't have any way to help. I'll make sure I get that taken care of though before I move out. It's on the top of my list.

JP wants to buy a truck - lol it's funny, he's found he really likes a Chevy - everything except the name, that is. I haven't had much practice for this competition. I'm not shooting the 60 this time, just the rifle and pistol EIC's, but I don't know if I'm going to do as well at this one as I did in the last one. *shrugs* You can only try your best, right? =) I'm in too good a mood right now to bring myself down.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Sing for the laughter, sing for the tears"


Monday, September 16, 2002

I'm hungry...

Tonight was a pretty good night. I went over a lot of stuff because Leon had me down in F pod all night, so I got to get a taste of housing. It was REALLY slow at first and I was so tired, but it got a lot better later on. And I have a radio now, and we took my picture for my ID, so I'm happy. Plus I got to know Candelaria and Baughman a little better, and a female sergeant whose name I slaughter every time I say it, so I guess that's good. but I'm still hungry - I need to go eat. Trevor and Tracy are in Vegas for their 2 year anniversary, and JP and Olesky and I are going shooting tonight, and then I'm going to the competition on Wyoming on Thursday, so it's going to be a fun week. Not to mention the fact that I'm OFF tomorrow!!! ^_^ I'm ready for a weekend. SO ready...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Gloria in excelsis deo"

Sunday, September 15, 2002

I just had the strangest thing happen to me about an hour ago...

I was laying in bed trying to convince myself to go back to sleep. I'm working graves now, and I'd woken up at 7:30 when the phone rang. Well, it was 9:15, and I was rolling all over the place in bed. I got so frustrated I just started staring at the ceiling thinking of anything that would make me go to sleep. So I'm laying there, and all of the sudden I can't even breathe. I couldn't move, and my eyes got really heavy. I'd try to open them, but I couldn't get them open for more than two or three seconds at a time. So now I'm freaking out wondering what's going on, when I feel this shadow pass over me. I managed to get my eyes open long enough to see what I'm guessing to be a person (or something like it) in a black hood and cloak, and the thing was reaching for my face. I tried to yell, and I tried to scream, and I could feel myself breathing in, but as soon as I had my breath it was like something slugged me in the ribbs and I lost it all. I couldn't make a sound, and my whole body was paralyzed. I still couldn't get my eyes to work well, but I could feel this thing getting closer, and all I kept hearing in my head over and over again was "Fight it, Tiffany. You better fight it or it's going to kill you." So don't ask me how I was able to move but all of the sudden I was. So I start rolling and punching at the air and kicking - anything I could think of to get away from this thing. I could feel it grabbing at my arms and then my legs. (My eyes still weren't working well, and I still couldn't speak) So I just kept fighting. I felt it bite the bottom of my right foot, and I felt skin under my fingernails when I managed to get ahold of it. I kept hearing that voice in my head the whole time, telling me to fight at first and then to get up. So finally I just start concentrating on that voice, and before I know it I'm not moving anymore. I'm just laying in bed staring at the ceiling again. I looked at the clock, and it was 9:35, and for the life of me I could not get myself to stay awake. My eyes were so heavy I felt like I hadn't slept in a week, whereas just 20 minutes before I couldn't even get my eyes shut. I was so scared. I don't know what it was... But it felt so REAL. So I got up. I just had the feeling that I needed to do my best not to fall asleep, and I had to get up at ten anyway, so it made sense. I hope it never happens again...