Thursday, November 03, 2005

Out of the Fray

Once again I am home. It's only been ages since I posted in this particular blog... not eons. That's a good thing, I suppose.

Louisiana was quite miserable. Humid, hot and irreperably stinky. Yes, stinky. I don't know what New Orleans smelled like before it flooded, but it damn sure is not a tourism hot spot just now. I don't know if it ever will be again.

I do have to say, though, being able to see swamps and get face to face with a wild alligator was very enthralling. I did enjoy myself on Bourbon Street, and Krystina and I rented a car on pass and drove to Mississippi (which, while not flooded was much more devastated than New Orleans), so that's another state I can say that I've been to. I don't have as extensive a list as some, but I think it's pretty impressive...

New Mexico
South Carolina
North Carolina

Uhh, yeah... I think that's all. Plus the countries, of course, which include the US (duh), Mexico, Canada, Ireland, Germany, Monaco (Greece), Iraq and Kuwait. And I saw the pyramids of Egypt from the air. Very cool.

Yes, I'm wasting time and space because I'm procrastinating my quiz that I need to do right now, which I really shouldn't be procrastinating at all. I'm a month - A MONTH - behind in my classes. Not really a big deal for nutrition, which is the class I'm working to finish right now. I only have four more lessons and my final to complete there. It's Patho that's going to kill me. I have only two assignments turned in for that class. Yeesh.

Talked to my girl last night and got to live vicariously through her pictures... Chris, you got some HOT friends. Rach is MIA, but I really can't say anything, because how many times have I been AWOL? *sighs* I'm so stuck in army mode. Yuck.

Song Quote of the Moment: "For a moment, she isn't scared"

~Rascal Flatts (Skin - if you have not heard this song you are a sinner among sinners and need to go find it NOW damnit, now... and listen. You'll cry)