Tuesday, January 15, 2002

Well, I suppose I should write a little more in here than just 'hi Carlos'...

Hmm... let's see, where to begin? Broke as usual, but a little worse I think this time. Mom is out of a job now and I have to find some way to help her out. I don't know what to do really... I'm trying to get a job up in Show Low, and although I REALLY don't want to leave Tucson, I really need the job. It's a heck of a lot more money, I'd enjoy it a hell of a lot more than Ross, and it's not only full time, but a great opportunity. If I got this thing I could RETIRE (that's right, carreer set here) at 39. Could you imagine? ^_^ Lord I have got to get this job, I just have to... Pass your PT test, girl!

What else? Not much really. I haven't seen anyone in like two weeks. I've sort-of been staying away because I'm sick, and I don't really want to pass it around. I have to go to Phoenix soon to get my truck painted and to go before the board for this interview, but I'm still not sure when. Ken wants me to meet him down there so we can talk - says he's going to let me take him to lunch... Don't think so there buddy! I haven't seen him since AIT though... Sheesh it's been awhile!

Well, I guess that's about all. OH! I finished the loooooooong book Lord of the Rings - I HATED the way it ended too, but what can you do? Guess I'll just have to read the Unfinished Tales and the Silmarillion now... ^_^ And the hobbit over again. And I've seen The Fellowship of the Rings THREE times already. :) LOL I love it - it's such a good movie. And I'm going to Globe again day after tomorrow and I'm going to see it again... hehehe!

Well, that's all I've got to say. Bye now!

Song Quote of the Moment: "Come back down to Earth"

~Luscious Jackson


Hello! My goodness it's been some days since I've written in this... Don't have very much to talk about right now. My throat hurts... and uhh, well that's all. But hey, can't say now there isn't anything new in here!