Wednesday, August 14, 2002

I've been neglecting my poor blog...

Well, tomorrow I'm flying to Arkansas for the MAC V Reigonal Competition... AHHHH! I trained for two days straight in the God awful heat of Florence on the M60 machine gun, and then Monday and Tuesday night I trained on the M16, and last night I also started on M9 pistol. Tonight I'll shoot that again, and then when it gets dark JP and I are heading to Phoenix. We have to be to Sky Harbor by 6 am... *tired* I'm excited though. I'm really looking forward to going. I just hope I don't shoot like crap and make a complete fool out of myself and piss JP off. I'd die...

So what else is new? I'm talking to John for about the first time in six months, and oh my... "I've missed talking to you - I wish we could've worked things out..." John just don't. I guess I don't really have room to talk though - I know how he feels, and it sucks. I just didn't know that SIX MONTHS LATER he still felt that way. Move on... Trust me it hurts a lot less.

Well, Tracy and Trevor bought a Kawasaki Ninja, and that thing is awesome. She rides it all the time. I'm so jealous... ^_^

Song Quote of the Moment: "I said no, hell no! Not a chance, no not on your life."

~JP Salazar