Saturday, August 24, 2002

Being sick really sucks... I thought my stomach was going to explode last night.

Today is Carie's bridal shower. I guess I'm going... I really don't feel up to it but mom has decided that she isn't going, so I guess I have to. I need to talk to Carie about singing anyway. I hope this new job of mine doesn't interfere with that. IF I get this new job...

Song Quote of the Moment: "I'll be your Huckleberry"

Toby Keith

Thursday, August 22, 2002

Back in Flagstaff again...

And absolutely bored out of my mind!!! Let's see, what am I doing... I just sent JP an email, and Brian before him, and I'm dishing out relationship counselling to Scott. Poor guy - he wants this relationship to work so bad and I just don't think it's going to for him. She's only 17 and he's 20, and they live four states apart, and they just don't want the same things. *laughs* Why does he want my help. Don't do it, Scott! I'm a disaster waiting to happen!!! ^_^

Well I took my polygraph today and the man told me if I ever commit a murder I better never have to take a lie detector test... *grins* But he did say that there didn't seem to be any indication that I was lying, so I guess that's a good thing. I hope I get hired. I hope I can still shoot. I really need some money... AHHHH!!!

Song Quote of the Moment: "Unsinkable ships sink"

Wednesday, August 21, 2002

Hey, I'm home!

And twenty... wow that's a switch. It was so funny. Schlesinger made me say, "Damn teenagers!" It's wierd not being one...

Well, all I can say is hell yeah. JP and I kicked some serious ass at the MAC V. I got sixth overall on the individual light machine gun (LMG) match, but with the way the rules were I ended up with the first place trophy. JP and I got forst for the individual LMG teams, and first for the LMG overall aggregate too. He also got first for the excellence in competition (EIC) Rifle match, and he legged in the pistol match too. Set some personal records for himself. I was so proud of him.

So yeah I guess we did pretty good. Mom was shocked - so was I... I didn't figure on 5 days of training I'd be able to go down there and do that. It was a lot of fun though, and I met a lot of really cool people. ^_^ I'm going to have to start doing this more often. If JP picks someone else to be his MG partner I'm going to get with Will and take up rifle. I like this stuff too much to just quit.

What else is new? Scott took me to Olive Garden for my birthday right after I got home from Arkansas. They sang to me and I got a birthday cake - it was hilarious. I also got to ride in the cockpit of the KC135 from Little Rock to Albuquerque, so that was cool. Dave is coming home on Saturday... What else? I take a polygraph this Thursday for the job I'm trying to get. They got my background packet done finally. I have to change JP from my bad influence... Can't really say that about him now. Hmm... My bank is screwing me on my checking account - I hate them. I think that's about it...

Crystal came by yesterday. She's got 2 kids now; Gavin is 2 and Jada's six months. She's also filing for a divorce because Jeremy is, as usual, a complete asshole. He even threatened her with custody of the kids, so now she's got to deal with that too. I'm going with her today to Phoenix to Jada's doctor appointment, and I told her I'd help her out as best I can, but there's only so much I can do with my schedule and having to be in Flagstaff all the time now. I really hope everything works out for her. I really do.

Song Quote of the Moment: "We'll put a boot in your ass, it's the American Way!"

~Toby Keith