Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Why is it that when men think you are available it becomes open season? Why do they give you their best lines, saddest puppy-dog eyes and biggest guilt trips? Even if I HAD ended my relationship for good, it really doesn't mean that I am immediately trolling for men, or that I've just been DYING for a guy to approach me. I don't want to hear you profess your undying love. I love the person I'm IN a relationship with, and this just makes me feel akward. Not to mention this is almost a surefire way to ruin a long friendship. I am very uncomfortable hanging out with someone that I just want to be friends with, but who is falling over himself for me. I don't know why guys don't get this. This isn't the first time this has happened to me.

Think I'll go join the convent. At least God will keep his distance.

I wrote this in Iraq - It goes to the "home on the range" music. It IS copyrighted, so if I find it anywhere else, guess what...

I'll sue. That's what.


Take me to Iraq
Lots of ammo I'll pack
Where the fleas and the mosquitos play
Where every night
There's at least one gunfight
And the kids beg for food every day
Deployed in Iraq
The Hashish sells cheaper than crack
Where men will hold hands
As they walk through the sands
And from head to toe women wear black

THAT, is the song quote of the moment, people. Maybe I should just go back.