Saturday, February 26, 2005

Rachael? RACHAEL!

There's another person that I wasn't sure existed anymore or not. First off, I have to say, all of you easterners can kiss my butt, because we get snow in Arizona, too. It's just at a bit of a higher elevation than I am. Second, where the hell have you been? I try to email, but it never works. You can see from my posts that my mom and I are coming out there this summer. Email me so we can work something out. It'd be really nice to see you again!

On to the schoolwork... I took my art midterm yesterday. Took me all of fifteen minutes, which kinda made the two hour drive to Phoenix not worth it, but I got a 76%, so at least I'm passing. Not too worried about this class, really. It's just a humanities corequisite for the nursing program. I hate requisites. They all suck.

Speaking of things that suck, I'm 15 chapters behind in my psychology class right now, so I really gotta go. Gotta get to readin'.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Tomorrow's another day... So bring on the rain!"

~Jo Dee Messina

Thursday, February 24, 2005

Hello, All

It's not raining today - at least, not where I'm at, so I'm a happy woman. I have class tonight. We're growing bacteria. Yummy...

I have to go to Phoenix tomorrow after my lab exam to take my midterm for art. It's a bummer, because I thought that I could take the midterm online, but apparently not. :( Boo, midterms. I only have, oh, four more left. *flaming*

I'm so glad Dave is moving back to Tucson... I missed him away over there in Cali. 'Course, I did have a lot of fun when I went and visited him, but still, it's good to know he's coming home away from all the landslides and earthquakes and bizarre people. Yes, all you Californians are bizarre. I should know. I'm dating one. ^_^

I still can't believe how much rain we've gotten. Or how much I can't seem to think about anything but school anymore. I got a 67% on my exam for Microbiology. I think that's the class in which I have the lowest score, right now. I would guess that I do have a D, or maybe a very very low C. I have a 77% in A&P, though, which is actually something I'm happy about, because it's a really difficult class. I've got a 90% in math, and I'm pretty sure I have A's in health, art, and psychology. We'll see, I guess.

Got my CPR certification, too, but the school is trying to screw me on my first aid, because it's the same day as drill. I hate this campus here in Globe. It's so ridiculous.

Okay, that's enough ranting about my classes, I know. Sorry. I can't wait for summer. I can't wait for Virginia, Idaho and Utah. I can't wait...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Go rest high on that mountain."

~Vince Gill

Rest in peace, Aunt Linda.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

drip drip drip...

Still raining, it is... Glad to hear that your place hasn't slid into the ocean yet, Dave. Are you moving back to Tucson, or is that just you wishing to get out of Cali? You'd miss the surfing too much, I think...

Boo, homework. Does it ever end?

Song Quote of the moment: "The thunder rolls..."

~Garth Brooks

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Rain, rain, and did I say rain?

Okay, I know better than most the kind of drought that Arizona has been suffering through these past years, but enough is enough! No more rain!!! I'm sick of it! I want sunshine and blue skies and warmth... No more closed road and running creeks and shitty weekends. I'm not dealing with it anymore...

One positive of all the rain is that Roosevelt Lake is full. Yes, for all of you Arizonans that just spit soda all over the screen or lapsed into a heart attack, Roosevelt is really full. I've never seen it full. Ever. It's only about three or four feet below the top of the old dam. Looks really cool; really good. Lots and lots of recreational fun this summer. Oh, yeah, if it ever stops raining...

I have got a headache from hell - hate my parent's smoking. I did get to see my boyfriend today, though, which was a first for the week. I really missed him. I wish I had about thirty hours in every day. I might get caught up then.

Got a good grade on my midterm, but I have ten more chapters to read for last week, and another six or so this week. I wish the material was interesting. It's really not, though. Yuck. Too much school. I will never do this to myself again. Never.

I'm going to Virginia with my mom this summer. We're going to stay for a week and go see all of the tourist traps and historic battlegrounds and go to Busch Gardens. Should be lots of fun.

I wonder if David's apartment has slid off a hill yet. Need to find out, I do.

Song Quote of the Moment: "You're my better half"

~Brad Paisley?