Wednesday, May 01, 2002

RACHAEL!!! I haven't talked to her in a good four months or so... I really wanted to talk to her today too. Fate is good to me sometimes... ^_^

My poor mom... I feel so bad for her. She's been stuck in Ohio trying to get everything straightened out with her old trainer, because he was going to buy his own truck up there and to make a long story short, Swift told him he couldn't work for them as an owner operator. So my mom spent over a week in Ohio so he could get everything straightened out, but Swift still refused, so he decided to go back to Phoenix with her. Well, just this morning after she picked up a load that has to be in Texas day after tomorrow, he told her he's getting off her truck and taking his. So now she has to run ten hours straight a day just to get there in time and he's abandoning her, and she's really stressed. I feel so bad - and am SO angry at him. She sat there all that time and lost all that money to help him and now he's just ditching her...

Ack, just going to be one of those days... I guess. I have an illegal copy of LOTR that I'm watching right now... Don't know where my brother got it from. Not much else going on.


Song Quote of the Moment: It's just one of those days"

~Limp Bizkit

Sunday, April 28, 2002

^_^ Well, Mindy is married, and it was such a good wedding. She looked SO pretty! I love her new stepdaughter too. Her name is Samantha, and she's only five, and she's the most amazing little person. She's such a sweetheart. She calls me Staci, God knows why, and Aunt Tiff. it's so cute! Mindy's close enough to a sister for me though, so I guess it fits. And then Jessi is due in July. I got a chance to really get to know her new husband Brian at Mindy's wedding, and he's really cool. OMG so funny, can't tell directions for anything (he LIVED in Phoenix and I still know it better than him), but he's still a lot of fun to be around. He's mad at me that I'm trying for this job in Show Low, because he wanted me to be a sort of live-in nanny when Jessi has to go back to work. I told him if this thing falls through that I would move back to Tucson and do just that, no sweat! Oh, I hope she has a girl, but I really think she's going to have a boy. Just a feeling I have, and so far I've never been wrong predicting kids. Aime's boy, Marisella's son, and Charity's girls. I'm GOOD!

Wow that was a lot of different subjects in the same paragraph, I know. Sorry, sorry... HI CARLOS! I just got your email referring to the ten things I can't stand and *lmao!!! You have to agree though, they're pretty accurate! I'm going to see if I can't get down there sometime soon and see everyone - I miss Tucson. Living in Globe sucks, and I don't really think that Show Low is going to be much better if you discount the work. *sigh* What are you to do though?

Well, Teenie is next - her wedding is on the 25th of May at the Rio in Vegas, and then her party (after the reception when the whole family goes nuts) is going to be at the Frontier. I'm hoping to have the Friday before so I can get up there early and hang out with her - I haven't seen her since last August and I really miss her! And then Michelle is moving to Colorado, on a ranch just outside of Durango with her new boyfriend. She's crazy, but I'm really glad she got away from Loren, and she seems happy, so good luck to her. I'll see her at the wedding too.

Well, I don't really have much else to say. Just finished reading Attack of the Clones, and although the beginning of the book is slow reading, the rest of it is pretty good. Considering it took me two days to read the first twelve chapters, and only four hours to read the rest... I know, I'm a bookworm!!! I need a new hobby...

That's all for now. Out.

Song Quote of the Moment: "You gotta roll with the punches"

~Jo Dee Messina