Thursday, October 31, 2002

Happy Halloween all.


Well, I just signed a lease day before yesterday to start renting a 1 bdrm house out at Camp Navajo. I spent all day today (well, until four) painting the cieling and the walls in the livingroom. It's going to look really good when it's all finished. I really hope now that we don't get activated. It would suck to put all of this work in for nothing...

At work right now - Harper's leaving for Phoenix. Tomorrow is her last day. I'm kinda going to miss her. :) And drill is this weekend - PT test, oh joy of my life. I'm going to pass it though - I have to! JP will shoot me if I don't. He's going to hate having me as a partner, I can see it already. I'm going to be a huge headache for him.

It's a slow night tonight already. I hate slow nights...

Song Quote of the Moment: "You make me completely miserable..."