Monday, October 10, 2005


Well hello all! As most of you do or don't know, I am in the beautiful, bountiful, extremely muggy and and soggy, swamp-covered and bug-infested state of Louisiana. It sucks. For the first four or five days here we really didn't do much of anything, and now we're driving our asses off moving out flood-submerged equipment. LONG days. I'm really lucky just to get to write in this thing.

You wouldn't believe the devistation here. Or the smell. They need to invent smellovision, so that people can really experience what they're seeing on the news. It's not bad everywhere, but in some places it's just terrible. I have some good pictures - I'll post a few when I get home. Don't worry, little ones.

I hear the president is going to be on my base today. Maybe I'll get to meet him? Hmm...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Aren't you glad we ain't all California girls?!"

~Gretchen Wilson