Thursday, March 25, 2004

Well... Where should I begin?

I've been in Iraq for the last year. Oh yes, and a LONG year it's been, too... We got activated on the 24th of January, were at Ft. Bliss by the 27th, and flew to Kuwait on the 10th of April (all in 2003, of course). We crossed the Iraqi border on April 19th, one day shy of Easter. We spent three days driving to Tikrit, where my unit was costationed for the entire war. We also had a rotating shift in Balad, with convoys going to Kirkuk, Ba'qubah, Kirkush, Tikrit, Baghdad, Taji, Kuwait City, Nasiriyah, Mosul, and Baji. We were busy people.

I'm still in Iraq, looking forward to heading stateside soon. I've changed a lot over here. I'm ready for this entire deployment to end. It hasn't been the greatest time of my life, you know...

I've been keeping a journal, and when I get home I'll start transferring some of it to the blog. Until then...

Song Quote of the Moment: "Wake me up inside"