Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcoming the workforce

I'm working today, just shamming a bit behind the computer screen waiting for a mom to deliver... It's great fun, OB.

I've not even begun to work as an RN yet, and already there is drama. An administrator wants to delay my orientation for two months so that I can work for a tech that will be leaving due to pregnancy. She wants me to work as a tech during that time, making ten dollars an hour less and backing up my schedule to actually start working as an RN independently. Not to mention I have AT for the guard during this time, which I cannot and have no intention of getting out of. *laughs* I hear that drama like this at this facility is quite common. I have no problems going to Phoenix. I'd rather be there anyway. I'd be closer to Pete.

I'd be closer to HEAT. Summer, you can start any day now. I've had it with this cold shit. It's not even really cold anymore, but it certainly is not my 95* either. WHERE IS IT? Oh, yeah, it's only April.

And, (and for those of you who know me, you know how monumentous this next bit of information is) I finally got drawn for elk this year. Yes. Not only drawn, but drawn rifle, in unit 27, during the rut. 25 permits, and I have one of them. Yay me. YAY ME!!!

Kay, gotta go to lunch. Lata all.

Song Quote of the Moment: "We built this city on Rock and Roll"

~Someone help me out with this one here?