Wednesday, May 26, 2004

New Computer for Me

Well, I finally got my notebook. Yay IBM. I'm a happy camper...

I'm working all day today, much like I did yesterday. I went down to Phoenix with Devin to pick Batty's son up from the airport, and I almost had my truck towed. It wasn't the greatest confrontation I've ever had with a police officer, but I did get my truck out of there without so much as a citation, so I was happy. Yay me.

Memorial Day is this weekend. The movie Day After Tomorrow, starring Dennis Quaid, comes out on Friday. I was an extra in this movie while I was at FT. Bliss before I went to Iraq. I'm anxious to see if the lousy two scenes that I was in made it past the editor's door. I hope so. Gives me and a few other guys in my unit a little bit of extra bragging rights. :) Yay Twentieth Century Fox.

Yesterday I told Pancho I want to move in with him. I told him I can't wait until his divorce is over and we can put this mess behind us and get on with our lives. I love him so much. I never thought I'd feel this way about anyone. Wierd... Too bad his soon to be ex wife is such a stupid b****, and I do mean STUPID, dragging her kids into the middle of an already bad situation, but hey. Gotta take the good with the bad, right? Yay, good.

David is in Cali. I miss him already. Gotta find a weekend where I can go over there. Sometime sunny, in the hot summer so I can learn to surf without freezing or getting eaten by hungry sharks or having a jellyfish poison my left leg. Okay, maybe the last two don't have anything to do with it being sunny and warm, but I'd still like it to be. And I can meet all his rich, computer nerd friends. :) Yay, rich computer nerds.

Saw John's blog the other day, and that I made a post. Cool. Saw Carlos' too, but not recently. Boo. I'll go check them out right now. Yay, blogs.

Song Quote of the Moment: "When you feel so powerless, what are you gonna do?"

~Nelly Furtado