Tuesday, May 28, 2002

Oh Las Vegas was so much fun...

The first night there we really didn't get to do anything because our parents wanted to hang out and gamble and didn't want to let us do anything. Then came the day of Teenie's wedding. Shelly and I went to Uncle Joey's house to pick up Buz and Joey, and then we went to the mall. Shell and I got one of those water massages and oh my goodness, it was SO nice! Then when we got back to Aunt Deb's apartment it was hurry city. Good Lord, it took us like ten minutes to get all of our stuff together and get ourselves (Michelle, Aunt Deb and I) over to the Rio where Teenie was. We all got ready for the wedding over there. Oh, Teenie looked so gorgeous. I can't believe that she's married! I remember when we were like six and eight, talking about how extravegant our weddings were going to be when we grew up and describing the perfect dress... Right down to the glass slippers! I just can't believe it's already here... And still, I'm asked almost every day when it's going to be my turn. Sheesh...

But anyway, the wedding was short, and two of Teenies aunts and our cousin Charity missed it because they got lost. But the reception was a blast - Biggs' family can't dance for anything, but our family sure can. Then afterward we went to Gilley's, a bar in the Frontier. We sent everyone under 18 in a limo to Sonya and Craig's hotel room for the night, and the rest of us stayed at the bar and got wholly messed up. My dad even bought me a drink - I was shocked. I rode the mechanical bull too - stayed on that bastard! And danced a lot more too - I'm really glad I know how to dance with my dad... It was too much fun.

And we tried to convince Uncle Dusty to stay an extra day, but he couldn't so we came home on Sunday. Mom will be home on the seventh, I have drill on the first and AT starts the eighth. *shakes her head* SO much going on! And I won't be writing for about five days because tomorrow I'm going to Flagstaff for the unit BBQ and then to stay until Friday. I'm just going to drive from Flag to Show Low - It'll be easier. What else? Oh yeah, I've scrubbed the original trip to California because of all the crap I can't get worked out, but Aunt Deb wants to go so I'm planning another one. Probably the last weekend in July so Uncle Dusty can go too, and it'll be my family, Aunt Deb, Michelle, Joey, and Uncle Dusty. It's gonna be so much fun!!!

Okay 'nuff said for now. Peace.

Song Quote of the Moment: "That's the way it is"

~Jo Dee Messina

Sunday, May 26, 2002

Just got back from Vegas after an 8 hour drive... I'll do this in the morning!