Saturday, July 06, 2002

Hello again world.

My cat is sick... I'm not really sure what's wrong with him. He acts almost like he really needs to spit something up, and it's making him foam at the mouth really bad. Rabies was the first thing that I thought of, but he's corrent on all his shots and everything, so it's probably not that. Probably ate a toad, stupid cat...

LILO AND STITCH!!! I get to see Lilo and Stitch, I get to see Lilo and Stitch... Oh, sorry. *grin* It looks like it's going to be such a cute movie. Talked to Samantha - she said she saw it and loved it. Lilo's her new favorite, so guess I"m going to have to take her something from the movie when I see her Wednesday. Can't wait!

A'right, I'm ready for bed. Get better Miika kitty so I can let you in.

Song Quote of the Moment: "I'll go wherever you will go"

~The Calling

*yawn* 0904... not bad.

Yeup, Noel, I agree with you wholeheartedly. Victims of the twin towers are complaining that millions of dollars aren't enough, but a family that loses a loved one fighting in sevice of our country has to find a way to live on significantly less. Oh boy - I need to not think about these things when I just wake up. Not good for me.

I watched Aladdin yesterday for the first time in years. I remember when it first came out - I was living in Salt Lake City that summer. Long days... Think I was fourteen. Wierd.

Yeah can you tell I just woke up? LOL, I think so. I'm going to stop writing for now, I think I've confused enough people for one day.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Larger than life"

~Backstreet Boys

Friday, July 05, 2002

With the sound of a whisper destruction begins
Swept ever forward on punishing winds
Growing in anger, growing in strength
Leaping and dodging and bearing it's fangs
Blackening, choking, it pushes away
All but the fiercest who stand in it's way
The streets are deserted, the homes are alone
Still, ever closer, the fire moves on
The children are somber, no smiles to be seen
Their parents are praying for hope and for rain
The heroes keep fighting for any slight chance
Against rage of a monster's hurried advance
Daylight to midnight the battle persists
Neither side knowing what one may have missed
Until after hours of turmoil and loss
The smoke and the flames of the Rodeo lost
Though costly the battle the good won the fight
The heroes, exhausted, could smile and sigh
Then children and parents returned to the streets
And comforted others who fell to their knees
Their homes and memories shattered, gone
But still their spirit and pride will live on

I read a poem that PFC Durham had written about the fires in northern Arizona, and I guess the inspiration was there. Thanks Durham, and thank you everyone who worked long, hard hours in awful conditions to help complete strangers. Firefighters, we love you.

Oh my...

I slept in until NOON today!!! That's the forst time I've done that in, you know, I don't even know HOW long. I'm exited. I'm going to be doing a lot of traveling here in the next week. I'm going to Flagstaff Monday to see Brain and then for my interview Tuesday, and then Wednesday Buz and I are going to Phoenix to get his braces off and to see Mindy and Tony and Samantha... AUNT TIFF! I talked to her this morning - she is so adorable.

Song Quote of the Moment: "It should be about trust"

~Fat Joe featuring Ashanti

Thursday, July 04, 2002

Well the starscape was brightened a bit tonight...

Happy Fourth of July everyone!!! Independence day - you know, for the longest time I never really thought about it, but after being up in Show Low and talking to people that lost so much in those fires, you start thinking about EVERYTHING. You know, like what you would do in their place, what things mean to you, what things mean to everyone else... I love this holiday, I really do. Even more now. Fireworks of course are great - I've always loved them, but just the idea of celebrating everything we are and we stand for is really... I don't know, NICE. I'm glad for it. I just wish I would've been able to share today with Brian... I really miss him. I guess he's been second guessing some things, and I can't lie, because I was too a bit. But everything I've been thinking is more along the lines of this is too good to be true, he can't really like me as much as like him, can he? I just know this is going to fall apart - I've been thinking stuff like that. I don't really know what he's been thinking other than he's analyzing a lot. I just hope we can find a way to work everything out, because I've completely fallen. It's wierd... Never been this hung up before. :)

I am so tired, STILL. My bed is calling, I can hear it. Then the morning comes...

Song Quote of the Moment: "It's Independence Day"

~Martina McBride

Wednesday, July 03, 2002

Whew! I guess it was a little longer than I expected... My AT wasn't bad, aside from some problems I had with comments being made, but I dealt with that situation. I thought I was going to be home two weeks though. Problem: the Rodeo and Chediski fires. I ended up staying in Show Low for an extra week and a half to help out with the efforts on the fires. Roadblocks and roving patrols may not be the funnest things in the world, but it felt really good to be able to help the community that I work in. Not to mention the gratitude of all of the people up there. I have to admit, I felt a bit guilty. I didn't really do very much, but I had so many people thank me or give me a handshake or just smile and wave... It felt good knowing even if it was just a bit, I got to help.

I have an interview on Tuesday in Flagstaff for a position with the Coconino County Sheriff's Department. I'm applying to be a detention officer at the jail up there. I know a few of the people who work there, and they are very cool. Tracy especially. She is so much fun. So I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I have a boyfriend now too. I miss him so much already. My mom thinks I'm crazy, but I fell so hard this time. It's wierd. I just love everything about him. His personality, his eyes, his SMILE... He's got the most gorgeous smile I've ever seen. It sucks though, because I really don't know how to tell him stuff like that. I'm not good at it - bad me! I hope he doesn't get offended. *shrug* I just can't get him out of my mind!

Guess that's all for now - I can add details later. Out.

Song Quote of the Moment: "You're everywhere to me"

~Michelle Branch