Friday, September 23, 2005

Looking Up

Well, I got a lot accomplished today, and I'm feeling a lot better about missing five weeks' worth of school to go to Louisiana. I also found out this afternoon that my aunt finally made it out of Galviston, so I'm happy about that too. I called my school and got all of my class crap worked out - although I am still waiting for a response from one of my instructors. She's a bit slow...

I'm jamming out to Black Eyed Peas right now. If you don't like them you are either lying or wierd... So don't judge me! ^_^ I made some homemade salsa today, got half of my packing done, got all of my laundry finished, finally got my room in order (which is a first since I moved back to my mom's house), and got some more schoolwork done. Yay me! I have so much to do this weekend to prepare for deployment that I've basically just made a list and am taking it one item at a time. Yes, I can be proud of my little self crossing tasks off of my to-do list. I like lists. Especially when you can cross stuff out. That's just great.

"This shit is bananas, B-A-N-A-N-A-S..." Oh, sorry, Gwen Stefani is on now. Good mood me, and the first time in a LONG time that I've been in a purely good mood. I should listen to music more often. Josh Gracin is very talented, too. "Nothin' to lose!" Okay, I'll quit.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Let's get it started!"

~Black Eyed Peas

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Second Deployment

Well, I always knew the day would come...

Oh now don't start freaking out. I'm not going back to the Middle East - at least, not yet. My unit has been activated to go to the gulf coast for disaster relief efforts, and not a moment too soon. Rita is just getting bigger and bigger. It does suck, though, because I'm right in the middle of my classes at school, I was really starting to track with pathophysiology, and I did really well on my midterm for nurtition. Well, maybe my teachers will grant me my extensions that I'm asking for. I really hope that they do. If not, well, at least I get my tuition back, right? ^_^

I'll be gone for at least five weeks starting Monday, so I'll miss everyone. *sniffs* I just hope this one is not as bad as Katrina. Who knows? I may be going to Louisiana. I may stay in Texas. I may go to Mississippi. I don't know. I don't even think the army knows. Yay, army!

Well, I've been on this computer all day typing out an assignment for my patho class, so I think I'll go and, uhh, pack? Yeah, packing sounds good.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Life is not tried, it is merely survived if you're standing outside the fire"

~Garth Brooks

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Spam - mmm mmm good

Why must all people on the face of the known world with a computer and a sense of humor spam me with insufferable, ridiculous emails? Pleeeeeeeaaaase, no more! I can't take it. I don't care how bad the breakup photos are. I don't want to sign any chain letters. I'm not trying to get someone to sleep with me in the next 24 hours, and I don't want to send this to fifty other people. LEAVE ME ALONE. Sheesh.

*sighs* I'm going to make salsa tonight. Yep. That sounds like a damn good idea.

Song Quote of the Moment: "I was all jacked up"

~Gretchen Wilson

Sunday, September 18, 2005


If anyone was wondering, I got an 81% on my Nutrition midterm. Not great, but certainly not bad either. I'm happy with it.

Now if I could just get caught up in my other class...

Abounding Madness

Yes, there is plenty of madness in my life to go around...

There has been quite a lot of drama going on in my life since last I posted. To start with, on Friday night after I got home from Phoenix, I went to the Gila County Fair. It was alright, I guess. Well, no, actually it really sucked, but some of the exhibits were pretty good and I did get to see a 12lb. rabbit. Anyway, about ten o'clock, after the fair, I went to Pancho's house to get something of mine that he had for me there. Well, no sooner do I pull up in the driveway than my mom pulls up behind me. She got out of her car, slammed her door and started walking at me like she wanted to kill me. I walked over to her and asked her what was up, to which she replied, "What's up? Why don't you tell me what's up? I knew you would be here! Do you have any more lies to tell me?"

Well, now I'm severely pissed, because not only did I not lie to her but she just mad me look like a total ass. So I basically got in her face and said that I'd come to get a certain "item" (which happened to be of great importance to her) and that I had been at the fair, and that I would talk to her when I got home. She left, because she had to pick my brother up from a football game, and I just drove for a bit to cool off. When I got home, I just told her that I didn't appreciate her calling me a liar, showing up like she did at Pancho's house, or trying to be mad at me because I was there. I am 23 years old, for crying out loud, and I'm going to make my own damn decisions whether she likes it or not. I am so sick of trying to please everyone. Screw it. I don't care if she gets pissed, I'm going to do what I'm going to do.

So yeah. She tried to tell me that I never take her advice, to which I countered yes I do listen to her, but she doesn't give advice, she demands. She tells you what to do. I'm not in the mood for being told what to do anymore. I'm a big girl now, imagine that. Anyway, she basically just dropped the subject, and now we're pretending like it never happened. That seems to be the way that our family handles sticky situations. I hate it.

Then yesterday she went to the Chihuahua races with me - mainly to sell her last puppy (which is sold, by the way). I entered my dogs, and they actually did really well. I'm thinking they placed 6th (Chloe) and 7th (Tanner), and there were at least 50 dogs there. I was so proud. It was a lot of fun, too. Everyone just loved Chloe. Then I went back out to the fair last night to see Tim and Willie (local radio DJ's and CMA Radio Personalities of the Year) perform. It was a ful, busy day.

Now I'm sitting here in my bed wondering what life will bring me next. Pancho wanted to come to the Chihuahua races, but he couldn't because my mom hates him. I still love him. He's my friend if nothing else, and I hate having to tiptoe around people. Screw it. I'm going to do what makes me happy.

I don't think I'll stay in this house very long if things keep going on this way. I won't deal with it.

Song Quote of the Moment: "My give-a-damn's busted... (again)"

~Jo Dee Messina