Sunday, November 10, 2002

Pshew! What a month this has been.

Livingroom is painted. So is the bedroom and the cieling in the kitchen. I've got most of my bedroom furniture moved in, and the couch in the livingroom. The dishes are put away, and the junk is already starting to collect in the top of my closet and on the bathroom shelves. It's wierd - the house looks so lived in and I haven't spent one single day there that hasn't been painting or cleaning or unpacking. ^_^ I'm really excited. In the morning I'm going to move all of my stuff from Trevor and Tracy's house over there, and then I'm going to drive to Globe. Gotta get my TV and stand and bookshelf and kitchen table and ack! I don't know if my truck can HOLD that much!

JP brought me cookies today. They were good, too! He's the first person to knock on my door. *laughs* The things I get a kick out of... If anyone that knew me read this, I'd be so made fun of for the next month or so.

Activation is up in the air right now. None of us really knows what's going on or if or when we're going anywhere. It's a really good chance that we will be activated, but that's if Saddam doesn't go along with the new stuff that the UN just came up with. So I guess we'll see. It would suck to just get everything done with the house and then have to leave, but I don't know - I might keep it. Is that dumb?

I got baptized on the 4th of November. It was quite the experience. It was really strange though, because I guess I was expecting more than what there actually was. I was so nervous - I don't think I had the right mindset that night, but I'm so glad I did it. I really needed to. And I feel so much better now that I have.

Let's see, what else? Work is going good. It's my Friday tonight. I'm so ready - worked six days straight this week. FUN. But it's not so bad - my squad is so awesome. I get along pretty well with all of them, and with the graves people in housing (minus one or two), so all and all it's pretty good. I've met some interesting people let me tell you, and had to be mean more times than I care to remember. I hate having to be mean to people, but sometimes in jail that's all you can do. *shrugs* What else can I say?

Money - wow, it's so nice to finally have that again. It's been SO long. I'm trying to sort out all of the bills I need to pay and where everything needs to go - I'm so not a finance guru. Where's the math major roommate when you need him?

Well, there's not much else to talk about really. I need to go to sleep anyway, so I'll write again laters. Night all.

Song Quote of the Moment: "If you feel like leaving, I'm not gonna make you stay"

~Enrique Iglesias