Tuesday, May 24, 2005


It's damn hot here recently... I actually went swimming in our backyard pool yesterday, which in itself is amazing for two reasons. The first is that the water was actually warm enough, and the second was that the air was actually warm enough. I never hit that pool until June, usually, and that's if I hit it at all (last summer I never even swam). I'd rather take the boat to the lake. If my parents will ever get it serviced. Yeah.

*ahem* Anyway, since school got out I've done nothing more than water the yard, read Harry Potter (and now I've started The DaVinci Code) and watch TV. It's been great. I'm loving it. Hate McDonalds, though... Sorry, A.D.D. striking... Yeah, so, my summer has started out pretty good. I lost the karaoke contest last Wednesday for $250 because I sang a song that not too many people liked, but I'm over it. I would just like to make it to the finals in Laughlin. I didn't even know there were karaoke finals. It would be so cool. I also have to get to work planning the DC/Virginia trip. I need to figure out all the places mom and I want to go and find a hotel and crap. Reservations, tickets, that sort of thing. I'm just being lazy right now, though, and enjoying the fact that I can be lazy. It's so great.

Papa's headstone should be in soon. For those of you not in my family, this is a huge deal. #1 because I'm the one that bought it (although my dad gave me some money after I paid for it) instead of any of his six kids or widow, #2 because he died over five years ago, and #3 because it's just a really freakin' kick ass headstone. I'll post a picture when it's done, so all can see just how kick ass it is. I guess my Aunt Deb and cousins Teenie and Michelle are headed to Tucson for the holiday weedend this weekend. It kinda sucks, because I wanted to go see them up in Vegas since, you know, they invited me, but I guess plans change... Oh well for me. I'll just keep being lazy.

Seventeen days until AT. And I've only gone running once. I'm doomed...

Song Quote of the Moment: "It's a great day to be alive!"

~Travis Tritt