Thursday, April 05, 2007

Welcoming the workforce

I'm working today, just shamming a bit behind the computer screen waiting for a mom to deliver... It's great fun, OB.

I've not even begun to work as an RN yet, and already there is drama. An administrator wants to delay my orientation for two months so that I can work for a tech that will be leaving due to pregnancy. She wants me to work as a tech during that time, making ten dollars an hour less and backing up my schedule to actually start working as an RN independently. Not to mention I have AT for the guard during this time, which I cannot and have no intention of getting out of. *laughs* I hear that drama like this at this facility is quite common. I have no problems going to Phoenix. I'd rather be there anyway. I'd be closer to Pete.

I'd be closer to HEAT. Summer, you can start any day now. I've had it with this cold shit. It's not even really cold anymore, but it certainly is not my 95* either. WHERE IS IT? Oh, yeah, it's only April.

And, (and for those of you who know me, you know how monumentous this next bit of information is) I finally got drawn for elk this year. Yes. Not only drawn, but drawn rifle, in unit 27, during the rut. 25 permits, and I have one of them. Yay me. YAY ME!!!

Kay, gotta go to lunch. Lata all.

Song Quote of the Moment: "We built this city on Rock and Roll"

~Someone help me out with this one here?

Friday, March 23, 2007

Whisper Against the Wind

Welcome back, world... Where have you been?

Oh, sorry, guess I'm the one that's been missing. Nursing school will do that to one, you know... So, where was I? 2006?!? Wow, that's over and done. So is my relationship with my EX, if anyone cares to know. I'm in new waters now (took me nine months to take that baby step) and extremely happy to be. ^_^

Soooo... *takes a deep breath* I graduate as an RN in May. YAY me! 'Bout effing time, I know. Kinda like writing in this thing. It's been too long. However, nursing school does tend to open up like a black hole, sucking in all matter and time and leaving you wondering where the hell it all ends up, because it has to go SOMEWHERE... That's pretty much been my last year. I'm glad things are lookin' up.

Gonna buy a house soon. Well, relatively soon. Ah hell, anyone wanna get married and go halfers??? LET ME KNOW!!! In all seriousness though, I can't wait to get the hell out of Globe and into a home of my own.

Yeah. That's the update.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Helping Hands

Hey. We need help. The daughter of a friend of mine was hurt in an ATV accident. She's only 9, and she's having massive surgery today. It doesn't look all that great... I've been drilling with her dad in the army for seven years now. Wanna help? Then please email me or leave me a comment with your email address. I'll get back to you, obviously.

The family needs some financial support. We can give it to them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

Longer Days and Nights

Pathophysiology is officialy done consuming my life.

Now, if I could just get ahead of the teeth in my other three classes. On the bright side, I have finals for two of them next week. 'Course, I have drill this weekend and I'm still trying to finish my work for THIS week...

So maybe that's not the brightest side of things.

My brother wrote this. It's on his blog. Is he amazing or what?

And so the shadows parted ways,
And skies let go thier faded grays.
Free flowing words returned to me,
With some pleasent company.
Again I wrote the word of past,
From memories like broken glass.
Lives once split and ties unbound,
And coming to this wonderous town.
The things I miss and still do love,
Brough back again from up above.
The broken glass though not the same,
With fire can be made again.

Yes, I come from a very freakin' talented family. Aren't you jealous??? ^_^

Song Quote of the Moment: "Let the speakers blow your mind"

~Black Eyed Peas

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Sarcasm Knows No Bounds

Hello all,

I just have to share an email that I sent to my friend Chrissy, who is studying in Italy right now. She has a listserv account, and I've been a bit spammed by people replying to her emails and therefore sending them to her, me, and everyone else on the listserv. So, I came up with a witty little reply (at least, I think it's witty) to let everyone know they were spamming my account, and got a reply back myself. Check it out.


> Hello Chrissy. And Aaron. And Cora.
> I'm sorry you got the flu. That bites. I had it too, but had the
> nausea. Lucky you.
> *ahem* I love you all, and I know we all miss Chrissy, but please,
> when you write to her do not just hit the reply button that is
> conveniently parked at the top of your emails. When you hit the
> reply button you not only send your message to Chrissy but to me and
> everyone else on her listserv. Yes, that's right, the crazy girl in
> Arizona that knows how to shoot a .50 cal has been getting messages
> from ALL OF YOU. Not that it's not entertaining (Cora, sorry about
> your period pain), but it does tend to clutter up my inbox.
> So, if you'd like to write to me, have at it. If, and this is
> probably the case, you'd just like to write to Chrissy, then please
> COMPOSE a NEW message and insert her listserv address into the "TO"
> box. Then you can talk to her privately (Aaron, do you have a crush
> I need to know about?) and I won't have to pop smartass email remarks
> into your mailboxes.
> Have a great evening everyone. And no, I'm not angry - just amused. ^_^
> Tiffany Brown (Chrissy OTHER other friend)
> SGT Tiffany A. Brown
> 2nd PLT, 1404th T.C.

*And the reply*

Wanted to send a quick message to you saying you are clearly awesome
and thank you for sparing me the time of coming up with something witty
to write to the listserv pointing out the same mass-send problem.

I just hope this doesn't devolve into the typical inbox-death move
where everyone now replies to your email on the entire listserv saying
like, "Thanks!", "OOohh sorry for sending to the listserv [insert
other comments demonstrating a failing to understand the irony of
sending another message here]" etc.

Hildon Smith
Random Person

I don't know this person, but he totally made my day. ^_^

Song Quote of the Moment: "When will my reflection show who I am inside?"

~Motion Picture Soundtrack MULAN

Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Why is it that when men think you are available it becomes open season? Why do they give you their best lines, saddest puppy-dog eyes and biggest guilt trips? Even if I HAD ended my relationship for good, it really doesn't mean that I am immediately trolling for men, or that I've just been DYING for a guy to approach me. I don't want to hear you profess your undying love. I love the person I'm IN a relationship with, and this just makes me feel akward. Not to mention this is almost a surefire way to ruin a long friendship. I am very uncomfortable hanging out with someone that I just want to be friends with, but who is falling over himself for me. I don't know why guys don't get this. This isn't the first time this has happened to me.

Think I'll go join the convent. At least God will keep his distance.

I wrote this in Iraq - It goes to the "home on the range" music. It IS copyrighted, so if I find it anywhere else, guess what...

I'll sue. That's what.


Take me to Iraq
Lots of ammo I'll pack
Where the fleas and the mosquitos play
Where every night
There's at least one gunfight
And the kids beg for food every day
Deployed in Iraq
The Hashish sells cheaper than crack
Where men will hold hands
As they walk through the sands
And from head to toe women wear black

THAT, is the song quote of the moment, people. Maybe I should just go back.

Monday, January 02, 2006


Christmas is a happy time for all, right? It was pretty nice for me. Of course, December 29th was the six year anniversary of my papa's death. And on December 28th my grandmother, who has been in a nursing home for the past seven years, passed away. So Christmas and New Year's are really beginning to suck.

My new classes start tomorrow, I haven't turned my nursing packet in yet, and I still have 12 assignments to finish in Patho. And I don't want to do a thing. Why?

Monday, December 26, 2005


Merry Christmas, everyone.

Yes, that's right, I said Merry Christmas.

I did not say Happy Holidays.

I did not say have a nice day.

I did not say shut the **** up, although I felt like it more than once while doing my Christmas shopping this year. I know that we live in an age where everyone thinks we should now be oh so politically correct, but I've had it. I believe in Christmas. I don't celebrate Hannukah, Rosh Hannosh, Boxing day or and bank holidays. I celebrate Christmas. If I want to say Merry Christmas to someone, I will. To hell with them if they don't like it.


I'm bored as all get up right now. Just sitting in my room trying to think of things to do so that I won't be bored. All you pervs, keep your comments to yourselves. MERRY CHRISTMAS! I got spoiled again this year... some clothes, a couple of teddy bears, a ScentStories* player, some chocolate, a really nifty old hat box, fuzzy socks, movies, pajamas, and a digital camera. FINALLY I have a digital camera. It's a pretty damn nice one, too. Works great.

Merry Christmas.

To me.

I'm going to Las Vegas this weekend for the new year. I'll be staying at my aunt's house with my cousins Teenie and Michelle. We will be very drunk. Don't bother calling me. ^_^ Besides, I have an application to fill out, and I have to do it with Teenie in order for it to be complete. What for, you say? Well, I'm sorry, but that will just have to remain my little secret for now. I'll let you know when I have more information - that is, if I can share.

Good night, all. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Song Quote of the Moment: "I miss Mayberry"

~Rascal Flatts

Tuesday, November 29, 2005


Hello, all my faithful readers...

Well, I decided it was time for a change of scenery. What do you think? Amazing what a few little keystrokes can do. Really.

Life is looking up - at the moment, anyway. I am starting to believe that I just might finish my patho class by the end of January after all. Yay me. I've also been looking at dream homes in Phoenix, too. And I've made some life changes, although I don't know how well those are going to work out. Sometimes I just lack the conviction.

I bought a new phone last week, and it is the bomb of all phones. It's huge compared to the RAZR phone, but it has a camera with recording capabilities, an MP3 player, and it's Bluetooth compatible. Yay, new phone. 'Course, with it, the case and the car charger I paid almost $400, but at least I don't have to sign any more freakin' contracts. Boo, contracts.

I'm going to go watch Stealth now. Kinda like that movie. Someone buy me War of the Worlds or the Polar Express for Christmas. That's all I want.

Song Quote of the Moment: "Look at this photograph... Every time I do it makes me laugh."


Saturday, November 26, 2005


I'm sitting here by my window listening to the winds rush through the pine trees in ours and the neighbors' yards. It sounds really nice. Too bad it's blowing fifty mph out there and a cold front is coming in... Only supposed to get up to 27* tomorrow night. Brrr...

Well, happy Thanksgiving all. Yes, mine was great. Ate too much. Still eating too much, but I don't care, 'cause it's good. This is the first Thanksgiving since high school that David hasn't called me on. :(
Married life must be bliss. I miss him...

Shyla, Pancho's beagle, is pregnant. I don't even know what kind of dog the daddy is, so I hope that she doesn't have problems having the pups. She's pretty small for a beagle, so I don't know. And then there's my grandma's dog, Callie, who is lost. Have you seen her?

Probably not...

Pancho is in Pennsylvania, all of my friends live elsewhere, and my parents are smoking me out of existance, but it's been a good holiday. Can't wait for the next one.

Song Quote of the Moment: "I wish you were here"

~Don't remember